Privacy Policy does not collect any private information without the knowledge of the end-user. Any information provided to the website is at the discretion the user. does not sell or distribute any visitor or client information to any third parties.

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time without notification.

Visitor Information

Google Analytics

Arccuit uses third-party statistics programs such as Google Analytics, which may log information such as: IP address, location (to the accuracy of city/country), and general details on the device used to view the site (such as browser, operating system, etc). This data is only used for statistical purposes and never for identification, and Arccuit does not otherwise store or distribute it.

For more information, please read their Google Analytics privacy policy.


Arccuit uses Disqus to allow for visitor feedback through comments. Disqus handles creation & maintenance of accounts and the Disqus system. Creating a Disqus account is not required to post on through the Disqus system.

Disqus collects information such as IP address, email, and social media data (if a non-Disqus account is used to comment). As with the Google Analytics data, this is mostly used for telling one voice from another; your email will never be collected or distributed, and you will only ever be emailed if there is a problem with a post you make on this website (such as it has been chosen to be removed).

For more information on Disqus, please read their privacy policy.

Social Media & Ad Services does not use cookies. However, we use third-party ads and social media services which may contain cookies. These cookies may collect information used for advertising purposes, such as matching ads to your interests, and/or to match you to your social media accounts. These cookies are not accessible by Arccuit, thus we do not collect any information from them.

Disabling cookies will not affect how the user views the site. However, it will affection functionality of these third-party services, such as "Liking" something on Facebook.

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