About Arccuit

Arccuit is a web comic site featuring the work of two artists: Matthew Hartnett and Emily Brackhan. After knowing each other online for many years and both having written their own stories, they decided to make a single website to post their comic.

The name Arccuit is a crop-up of the words Arcane and Circuit. The two comics featured on this site are about magic and technology, so the words both work well as descriptors for both.

This side of the website is Matt's creation, The Wellman Path. Arccuit is tested for Firefox 19, Chrome 25, Internet Explorer 9, and Opera 12; previous versions and other browsers may have display issues. If you have issues with the site, feel free to let us know and maybe we can get it fixed.

About The Wellman Path

The Wellman Path is a comic that unfolds in the world of Lucient, a world not too differt from ours, other than the inhabitant's ability to control arcane magic. The world is abundant with ley wells, points where magic transfers into the world, and the ley lines that transports the energy between them.

The story follows eight college-aged individuals, who were focused on their studies in school, when a strange group of cultists arise and attack citizens. They, a long with many other magic-wielders, or adepts, begin to team up and fight against this new and perculiar threat.

This comic is primarily a fantasy series first, and slice-of-life comic second. While there will be short intervals that go into the everyday life of each character, most of comic follows one, over-arching plot. So it's best to read from the beginning.

Currently, the comic updates on Fridays. A message will go up on the home page if this will be changing within the week.

About Matt

Matt is publicly a student at the University of Pittsburgh. There, he is in his senior year tying some stuff together with rope and calling it art. Secretly, he also a student at the University of Pittsburgh. That's really all he does.

He is 21, and in his free time, Matt enjoys video games, baking, and drawing. He also is interested in many things in contemporary pop-culture, and things that aren't so contemporary, like 80's music videos. So quirky.

But underneath it all, he's really just a hopeless romantic looking for something real in this world.